Demetrius D’Alessandro


Dmitri D’Alessandro, the artist whose work is so eye-catching, has been producing digital art for over 15 years. At first, he made the images as gifts for friends, but discovered he could communicate concepts and ideas through his media. “When I started making art, I always wanted to try to find ways to visually communicate things that are hard to communicate in words,” D’Alessandro explains. Combining things that inspire and astound him like the mysteries of life, mythology, religion, and the universe beyond our solar system, D’Alessandro takes the viewer on a trip through imagery on the cutting edge of digital art.

D’Alessandro attended Macdonough Elementary school in Middletown, Connecticut, then Haddam-Killingworth Middle and High schools in Higganum Connecticut. He has been a resident of Connecticut for most of his life except for a when he attended Allegheny College in Meadville, Pa., in 1995. He came back to Connecticut in 1996 and settled into Middletown, where he attended classes at Middlesex Community College from 1996 to 2000. He graduated from MxCC in 2000.

Through his work, the artist explores the possibilities of where we can go beyond preconceived conventions of what and how life should be.
Concepts that are hard to articulate with words, D’Alessandro touches with visual art. “A lot of times, I let the images recreate themselves – visually representing intangible ideas,” says D’Alessandro, describing the process he uses to create.

Using organic and modern photographic elements, D’Alessandro brings his audience beyond space and time, into a digital arena of visual delights, where one is left to wonder and decide for one’s self what she is seeing in his art. “When I make something, I don’t want to tell anyone or direct them in any fashion to a goal, because I’d rather that people look at it and see it and not know what it is and aren’t threatened by, but can have a transcendental experience by looking at it,” D’Alessandro says.