Rusa D’Alessandro



Art Academy Founder-Artist, Color Expert, Art Historian, Art Conservator, Decorator, Curator, Model, Fashionista, Business Woman, Visionary, Spiritualist, Mother, Wife, Sister, and a Friend!

Fine Art has been my passion for as long as I can remember, however my capabilities started out as raw. I am still haunted by memories of that time. I remember as a little girl I often found myself decorating the sidewalk with chalk and communicating through various mediums by reproducing art around me. As a child I sketched figures in accordance with what I could do best. My first works were funny and elementary, but I never stopped drawing and painting. Everyone around me was supportive and fond of it. Growing up my neighbors loved my art on their sidewalks and they would provide me with more chalk than a kid of my era could dream of. Remembering my early childhood always brings me peace, and reminds me of how happy I was to draw and paint every day.

I always knew that art is my life, my air, my faith, and that was enough to inspire me to create and proceed with life itself. Over time, I have also tried my hand at drawing and painting landscapes, people, and from my imagination. Following my early dreams to become an artist and art teacher, I entered and studied at several European and Latino American Art Academies, starting at age 5 . As a result of being determined and driven I won a chance to attend their Fine Arts schools. There I was privileged to have studied the classic Greek art techniques of drawing, watercolor painting, clay works, art history, as well as art through religions, while being in the same class room with kids who were 14 years of age and older. Experiencing competitive environment give a drive of inspiration within me to create and to communicate through art.

I have had the blessing and privilege of opportunities at an early age to journey the world, seeing other countries and tasting different flavors of life and art in many shapes and forms. Throughout my travels, my love for art became only stronger and I developed a love for art history as well. This diversity experiences introduced me to a wide variety of tradition, culture, religion, architecture, art and poetry. I have had the opportunity to visit some of the world’s greatest treasure houses of art. These privileges I have had only deepened my desire to become an artist and art educator myself. I now can only share what I have with the world. In a world so technologically advanced, we still suffer from communication barriers. I believe that we each hold the potential to express our thoughts, ideas, emotions, beliefs, and overall identity, and my preferred means of doing that is through art.

I became an adult in Hollywood, California, which some might describe as the American center of pop culture. Los Angeles multicultural environment had an important impact on my life and my views and lead me to I gradually improve my techniques and developed my own style. The subjects of my art have also changed and matured through time. Where once I drew with chalk on a ground as a very young girl, some of the tools I use today are brushes, markers, spray cans, and spray guns. I would lay images and designs on anything I had chance to as a teenager, and I began to draw and paint things that captured my attention. There is a clear pattern in my past decisions that is always slowly guiding me to this specific life goal. I discovered an ability to connect with people, and found the means to finally portray my identity and articulate my complex thoughts through art. In my opinion, true art, especially drawings and paintings, possess a certain depth and meaning. The masterpieces created by an artist are a great reward for the artist’s toils and efforts. Yet more than that, my works are my life. Every sketch of a pencil and every stroke of a brush portray my passion and my inspiration. My creations are a reflection of my beliefs, ideas, and imagination, which I fuse and transform into an expressive work of art. My masterpieces are the window into the depth of my mind and soul.


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