Tyler Berry

Tyler Berry was born and raised in Middlefield, Connecticut. He graduated from the University of Hartford with a BFA in Illustration in 2016. While attending the University of Hartford, he studied simultaneously at the Grand Central Academy of Art, focusing on academic painting techniques and color theory.
Tyler has been featured in various publications, such as the Artist’s Magazine, being named a finalist in 2016 in their annual competition. In 2016 he worked in Poland for 6 months as a painter & animator for the feature film Loving Vincent, a Van Gogh biopic painted entirely in oil.
His work is primarily centered around drawing and painting, primarily figurative work that is grounded in reality. Quality of light and relationships of color are utilized to convey his subjects and ideas. The work serves as a vehicle to explore the figure, expression, art history, light, and identity.

Cast Drawing by Tyler Berry

Desideria by Tyler Berry oils