Our Mission

“We do not know what the future holds for our communities
nor for the students we teach;
although we can make a logical assumption that the future
is filled with challenges that will require
diverse and imaginative thinking.”

A humanistic approach to education is a priority given to universal human values, life, health, and development of personality. The raising and educating of the youth through the spirit for preservation of classic art, diligence, respect to human rights, love of environment, home ,world, history and family. Most significantly, engagement with the arts teaches youth to perceive complexity as pleasure and possibility, not as irritating uncertainty. Heightened self-awareness is extended to heightened awareness of others . . .

The vividness of art experiences blurs the boundaries between self experience and the experiences of another. Through artwork, students absorb the perceptions of others— situated in other times and places, embodied in other races, genders, ages, classes, and abilities. Introductions to world wide cultures and diverse traditions through famous work of arts and various historical artifacts. Through art, the self becomes vitally interested in other selves, sensing the possibilities and problems of those selves within oneself.

American painter Eric Fischl (1948- ) commented on this very point:”Part of the problem is that artists of my generation were not educated. We were not given the equipment because it was generally believed to be irrelevant. Drawing, eye-hand coordination, art history – really fundamental stuff was considered unnecessary.”

Today most art education centers around creative and experimental exercises with little or no reference to the technical process of creation. When this happens a problem often occurs: Students lack the skills necessary to fulfill their creative vision.
At Middletown Art Academy we take this challenge seriously. We’ve structured our programs to advance technical skills balanced with creative exercises designed to promote an in-depth understanding of the essential principles of art.

As students progress throughout our programs they are continually challenged with new assignments that take them to higher levels of understanding. We offer courses in Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter quarters so students can progress quickly throughout the year. We follow a master/apprentice approach to teaching that mimics the way great artists have learned their craft throughout history – study and copy the artists that came before, and then apply this knowledge to their own work. Instructors take the lead in demonstrating proper methods and principles to make sure the student understands fully the task at hand. Each instructor works with a small group of students, and in keeping the student/teacher ratio extremely low all students receive one-on-one attention as they progress. Students work at an personal level and pace, always practicing the fundamental principles of drawing while expanding their knowledge and accomplishment in color, painting, and design. Students also develop a personal aesthetic and taste as they are exposed to vast resources and images of great drawings, paintings, and illustrations. At MAA all classes are sequential; each one builds upon the last to encourage steady growth.

“There are more valid facts and details in works of art than there are in history books.”

Middletown Art Academy is nondenominational and nondiscriminatory. Our teachers work to encourage a positive atmosphere where students can enjoy learning in a non-competitive environment. In our extensive children’s program simple classroom rules assure a safe, fun workplace; while our adult classes foster camaraderie amongst like-minded individuals working to develop craftsmanship and creativity.

We know how busy both children and adults are these days so we do not require work outside of class. Instead, we simply ask that all of our students try their best during each class session. At our Academy we stress practice and effort over talent.

We strive to bring more into our academy and  at this time instructions available in English, Spanish  and Russian Languages !

We’re confident that many of the inquiries you may have regarding our school will be answered by perusing our website. If you still have questions feel free to email hidden; JavaScript is required or call (860) 344-0554 Our answering machine is checked often. Thank you for your interest.