Middletown Art Academy

508 Main Street. Suite North-3 Middletown, CT 06457


(860) 344-0554


Founder:Rusa D’Alessandro

is also a Co-Owner of Middletown Framing with her ex-husband Dmitri.

She wears many hats : Artist, Educator, Color Expert, Art Historian, Art Conservator, Decorator, Curator, Model, Fashionista, Business Woman, Visionary, Spiritualist, Mother, Sister, and Friend!

Home Town:

Hollywood Hills, California.

Education :

Kinder Art- Germany

CMVU  Central Bohemian Region children chapter – Czech

Lvov Kids Art Center fine art, ballet,folkloric dance, theater, custom making – Ukraine,

Kishinev Kids Art Center fine art, folkloric dance,theater, popet and custom making – Moldova,

Shuseva Academy of Fine Art – Moldova,

Arbat Kids Art Center – Russia,

Zonarosa Fine Art Center – Mexico,

MNBA “Children of the Future” Program by  Samuel Paz – Argentina,

RIO fine art, folkloric dance, street dance, teather, custom making- Brazil,

Understudy to Roman Reyes Cuban Painter/Muralist/Conservator

Understudy/Assistant to Michael Borisoff Russian Artist/Painter/Muralist

Hollywood High fine art, dance, theater, California

LACC AA  Major in Art History & Minor Fine Arts

Cal State LA  BFA  Major Fine Arts & Minor Art History


Admittance to Fine Art Academy,  Art Centers  &  Art Schools starting at age 5

Winner of Numerous Fine Art contest and Fine Art Scholarships -WorldWide

Collaborative murals & restorations under Roman Reyes -Old Havana, Cuba

In house artist for “Beat Non-Stop” underground art, music, fashion -LA, CA

Founder of  “In My House Production”  urban underground street arts & dance and music under one roof – Hollywood,CA

Creative in house artist for “Insomniac”, “24/7 Pmp’s” and “Giga Watts” Fine Art/Illustrations/Animations/Video Gaming Production Companies -Hollywood,CA

Displayed at UCLA Fowler Art Museum, Los Angeles,CA
2000- Female Collaborative Art Show “Duality”
2003- “Santeria”
2005- “Botanicas”

3 years Served as President of LACC ART CLUB 2000-2003

2 year Participant Artist at Cannibal Flower Art Show -Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles City College Art Solo Show -2001, group shows 2002 & 2003

Featured on a Cover and Centerfold of “Blue Monkey” underground fine art magazine – April 2002 WorldWide

Downtown Los Angeles Public Library Solo Show -2006

Los Angeles Contemporary Museum Of Art Group Show -2002 & 2006

Worked on research to help add new educational art and humanity’s community college course “City of Angeles” -under Humanity & Arts department chair and Doctor Gwen Hill for Los Angeles City College

Worked as Director of Operations for “SAK” Steve Kaufman Art Studio & Manufactory, Headquarters -Los Angeles,CA

Jump started non-profit art program for intercity kids “Give Kids a Break” under Steve Kaufman the protege of Andy Warhol -studio “SAK”

10+ years volunteered for Downtown LA and Hollywood intercity art programs teaching and guiding different age kids and teens

Art teacher volunteer for YMCA “A Brighter Future” program -Hollywood, CA

16 + years served actively as member and participant for “Hollywood Beautification Team” – Hollywood, CA

Member of LA Downtown Art Committee

Member of Hollywood and Silver Lake Historical Society

Member of Middlesex County Historical Society

Fashion runway & fine art model across US, Europe & Latin Americas

Partnered up to co-own and operate Middletown Framing, Middletown CT 2008

Co-Show “Gifts of the Goddess” Javapaloooza, Middletown, CT -2009

Group Show at “Eclectic Essex” Art Gallery, Essex, CT -2010, 2011

Art Featured in “INK” magazine better living in Connecticut and abroad -2010

Founder of “Middletown Art Academy” – Middletown, CT -2011

Founder and Co-Organizer of Annual “Middletown ART Walk” – Middletown, CT-2011,2012,2013,2014,2015,2016,2017,2018,

Group Show “Light”- Scranton Library in Madison, CT -2013

Founder , Host and Organizer of ” CT International Women’s Day – Middletown, CT -2012,2013,2014,2015,2016,2017,2018

Co-Host of “Passionate Water II” – WORLD WATER DAY Middletown, CT -2014

Founder/Host  Group Show  “Shapeshifters”- Middletown, CT -2014

Group Show   The Second Annual Art Factory Event of 2014 -Stafford,CT 2014

Host & Organizer of  “CT WORLD WATER DAY “- Middletown, CT -2015,12016,2017,2018,2019

Founder & Co-Host  of “CT SUNDAIZE”-Middletown, CT -2015

Conducted Large groups Lecture & Class on Monochromatic painting at “Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art” – Hartford, CT-2015

PAINTED LIVE  for “Middletown Music Festival“-Middletown,CT 2015, 2017,2019 live painted in International Peace Belt 

6×6 4 PEACE   “Artist for World Peace”-Middletown,CT November-December 2017

State of Connecticut General Assembly Official Citation in recognition of Women’s Leadership Award – Harford, CT 06/14/2018

United States Senate Connecticut Certificate of Accomplishment for Women’s Leadership Award community leadership, providing pathway to start small business for women and more – Harford, CT 06/14/2018

S.W.E.E.T Potato Society Inc. Juneteenth 2018 Awarded Certificate of recognition Women Achievement “Press for Progress”– Meriden CT 06/14/2018