Adult Classes

We strive to bring more into our academy and  at this time instructions available in English, Spanish  and Russian Languages !

Ages : 19 and up

The Middletown Art Academy offers an extensive selection of fine arts classes to satisfy the artistic needs of adults within our community. All classes focus on improving skills and are taught with thorough explanation and demonstration. We do not assign homework. Learn the traditional techniques of art in a relaxed atmosphere. Start with the basics and then advance your skills in the areas you prefer. We welcome both beginning and advanced students in all of our adult courses. All skill levels are welcome; no prerequisites.


Beginner Art – Using right and left side of your brain=everyone is an artist! Students begin by improving their drawing abilities and then progress into painting by working through a series of introductory exercises, most often incorporating the mediums of pencil, pen and ink and watercolor.


All Levels Drawing – Students develop drawing skills through a structured program of individual exercises based on time honored methods. Students learn how to improve their draftsmanship through methods of shape simplification, shape comparison and shape isolation. From there we advance to the study of line. Value and mass are considered next, followed by an exploration of edge relationships. Induction to traditional euro technique through art history using gray scale. All lessons are taught from an accurate, historical perspective. Lessons will include working on still, portraits, life, learning, practicing perspective and proportions theory, and copying great works of art.


by Janet Griffin-Scott

Sketching – Learn ability to quickly record impressions through sketching using traditional, classic approach to master sketching “doodling,” through art history and various techniques. Each lesson is designed to dramatically improve imaginative or life drawing and painting skills, beginning with the most essential part sketching. Lessons will include working on still life, portraits, learning and practicing perspective and proportions theory. The instructor supplies master drawings, photographic references and casts, and models to help students grasp each concept. This class designed working through a series of introductory exercises, most often incorporating the mediums of pencil, pen, ink, charcoal, graphite.


Painting – Introduction to Painting through art history. Learn and discuss history of materials artists use,technique of brushes and color history origins, Western Art and Asian art techniques, color wheel, mixing, much more. All lessons are taught from an accurate historical perspective. Learn how to gray scale through various paint. Students begin painting by working through a series of introductory exercises, most often incorporating the mediums of pencil, pen and ink, and watercolor. Having gained a basic understanding of shape, line and value, and having increased their color sensitivity and perception, students then proceed to develop a personal aesthetic based upon advanced artistic seeing. What follows is a greater flexibility in choice of projects and mediums, including watercolor, gouache, acrylics, colored pencil, charcoal, pastel, etc. Instruction is sequential from class to class to ensure steady growth.


Illustration  – 2D & 3D Drawing and Painting rendering and composition skills are extended to problems in commercial illustration, pictorial art for publications and advertising. Learning to draw three-dimensional objects in space using measured vanishing point systems along with direct observation and freehand drawing. Explores methods of drawing cast shadows and mirror reflections in perspective. A foundation studio course focused on creative visual thinking and expression. Establishes working methods and concepts of composition used in all other art classes. People with a strong interest in Fantasy illustration, Japanese animation (Anime), superheroes, comics and role-playing art are especially welcome to this class. Variety of techniques and media. Advised for portfolio development.

Digital Art and Animation

All classes MUST be taken sequentially. (exceptions may be considered at the discretion of the instructor) Animation is very complex and demanding, time consuming. digital classFundamentals should not be skipped unless the student is near expert level proficiency with multiple programs and operating systems.

Animation Prep/Digital Fundamentals

Digital Fundamentals I

Establish basic workflows, learn proper project setup and organization skills, source logging, file format primer & CODEC primer.

Students will be able to generate simple very short animations and time lapses by the end of this class.

Digital Fundamentals II

Introduction to basic concepts – Raster and 2D animation and graphics, Alpha channels and masking, overlays, transparencies, blending, blurring.

Digital Fundamentals III

Application of basic concepts – putting it all into motion.

Animation I

Project mapping and construction, generation of components, design fundamentals.

Animation II

Different types of animation, keyframing, tweening, and composite creation.

Animation III

Assembly- Learning how to create polished finished pieces, final compression options for various delivery modes. Rendering and output basics.

3D Primer 3 sections

3D I

Basic modeling, lighting, cameras & basics.


Raytracing and surface textures introduction. Specularity and aliasing as time allows.


Create a final short using all prior techniques and 3D models. Abstraction, no story. Comp work with audio as necessary.


Urban Graffiti – Graffiti as an art form. Skill and Style Development, teaching how to transform every creation in one of a kind art piece! Skill development, this class is designed as a graffiti sanctuary for fun, stress free creativity in a very laid back setting. Artistic guidance is offered in creative expression for individual projects develop each student’s abilities, to improve abilities in urban street art skill. Through introduction of urban art history will teach students proper technique and to be responsible, promote the difference between real graffiti and vandalism. We have designed this class to encourage responsible use of the paint. Artists who master the craft of painting on the street can create even greater work in studio settings, where they have more time, resources and don’t have to worry about the weather (or the police). All levels and continuing students are welcome!


Summer Art Boot Camp – Unique summer day camps are packed with learning and exciting projects. Sessions meet once a day for two days a week . You can find the dates each is offered on the  Summer Schedule  page. Students receive individual instruction and work at their own pace in a non-competitive environment. Student to teacher ratio is always low to ensure a successful learning experience. Many students find their skills progress very quickly in camps because of the steady practice a daily class can offer.Our camp is open to both new and continuing students.


Art Portfolio Development –Whether you are applying to college, university or another art & design based course, you will need a portfolio to showcase your work, ideas and skills. High quality arts training and guidance for all levels and purposes carefully tailored to individual needs. What is a portfolio? A portfolio of artwork needs to be a collection of your best and most recent work. It is a crucial part of your application to a professional art schools, college’s and universities . Many different portfolios are necessary during your career as an artist. The preparation of each portfolio varies according to its purpose.


Private Lessons – Work one on one with an experienced artist in a quiet and private atmosphere designed around your artistic needs. For adults there are many reasons to choose private lessons. Some students who follow our established curriculum simply prefer a more individual experience when compared to a classroom setting, while others request to focus intensively on mastering one particular drawing or painting medium. Another advantage of adult private lessons is that students may seek guidance and and honest critique in the development of their personal artwork. Most private lessons for experienced painters begin with a review, a discussion of the individual’s goals, a look at materials and their use, and then end with an agreed plan of action for future private sessions.


“ART FLAT” – Keep up your skills with this rear opportunity that is now available on weekly basis. Open to all studio aka “ART FLAT”  for still life, live models, and drawing & painting, allowing anyone to join in on prepaid or walk in basis. We suggest that interested parties RSVP early in the week to secure a spot due to limited space. Please keep in mind walk-ins are on first come first served basis. Please  check in our Adult Class Schedule for the next “ART FLAT” day and time.