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At the beginning of each year in January we hold “OPEN HOUSE” on a weekend new students and parents can meet face to face with our teaching artist and staff, tour art academy facility, inquiry in person about classes, lessons, programs we offer, ask questions, get help with in person registration & enrollments, make tuition payments.   If you wish to attend next OPEN HOUSE, please send email to or leave a message at (860) 759-5725‬ for date and time .

We also offer an Information Meeting to acquaint parents with our school. This talk lasts approximately one hour and provides an overview of our programs. It is designed to answer any questions you may have regarding our classes and helps ensure a successful learning experience at The Middletown Art Academy. Though it is not required that parents attend an Information Meeting, it is strongly recommended. Because of the length of these talks we suggest that small children do not attend. If you wish to attend an Information Meeting, please send email to or leave a message at (860) 759-5725‬ to reserve a spot.

Our meetings cover the following topics:

A brief history of art education

An explanation of our schools’ teaching philosophy

An overview of the goals we have for students in different programs

A discussion of talent versus effort

An explanation of the teaching techniques that will be used in class

A description of classroom projects

A realistic appraisal of what you can expect your child to produce in class

A breakdown of the responsibilities of teacher, student and parent

Our discipline policy