Art is my religion! I created this Art Academy to provide a safe haven for creative minded individuals to help them understand themselves and reach their highest potential. To be able to nurture, guide, and to educate them is my childhood dream. I designed Art Angel as an institutional scholarship for all dreamers passionate about having a future in the arts. I like to apply a pay it forward and pay it back concept, to show my gratitude to the State of Connecticut, City of Middletown, and especially the North End, a place I have been calling home the past ten years. There is no better feeling than fulfilling childhood dreams and goals. I am blessed to be able to work hard in order to bring to life a long term vision Art Academy, which will be serving as a creative sanctuary for local talent of all ages. I am honored to have the opportunity to share my passion along with valuable knowledge of fine art and life experiences with all of you. The future is looking brighter to me, knowing that the younger generation here in Middletown and  state of Conneticut will be able to practice the tradition of fine art. I would like to thank the North End Action Team for their support and help in introducing MAA to our community and promoting the AA scholarship. I am especially thankful for all the hands-on help and support of my best friend Demetrius D’Alessandro and friend/volunteer Doctor James Ricci of the Mathematics Department of Wesleyan University.” Headmistress Mrs. Rusa D’Alessandro

Dmitri , Rusa and James

Dmitri , Rusa and James

Middletown Art Academy provides economically disadvantaged children in Middletown’s North End and throughout the state of Connecticut with the opportunity for a quality, values-based, fine art education in a safe environment. Scholarship awards are based on the strength, quality, and potential of the applicant’s artwork and upon need without regard to gender, race, religion, or ethnicity. At Middletown Art Academy we encourage all of our students to be disciplined, work hard, and have positive attitudes. Those who display these traits deserve to be rewarded. After all, that is the point of Art Angel’s existence.

Who can be considered for a Scholarship ?


2) Current residents of Connecticut 

3) Ages 10 – 18 currently registered in public school

4) Age 9 – 18 homeschooled children & teens

5) Low income families with a total family income that falls within the guidelines set by MAA

MAA Income Guidelines For Applicants

Family Size









































  1. Application process.
  2. Fill out, sign, submit all necessary documents, payments along with scholarship application and art works by mail or in person.
  3. Must submit your child’s recent art work minimum 5 art pieces maximum 10.
  4. Must submit a short letter written from child to Art Angel explaining why they want to attend our art academy .
  5. If there is a partial-tuition parents must Pay all fee(s) on time in order to keep your awarded spot.
  6. Parents shall report changes in household circumstances and child care arrangements within ten days of the date of the change, including but not limited to the following circumstances:                                             A. residency; B. address; C. household composition; D. public school or homeschooling change;             E. countable income of a family member; F. employment status, including a change in employers, income, work schedule or work hours; G. any change in the child care arrangements & any changes in legal guardianships.



Please READ INSTRUCTIONS carefully BEFORE completing the application for the Art Angel Scholarship.

  • All previous Art Angel Scholarship recipients must submit a completed application every year to be considered.
  • A $15 non-refundable MONEY ORDER payable to Middletown Art Academy is required (one per family). NO PERSONAL CHECKS will be accepted.
  • Fee Waiver – For families of 3 and more with income $25,000.00 or less a year. If you can not afford $15 Scholarship or and Art Competition fee, you might be eligible for one time fee waiver. You must provide a supporting paper work to show your and your family’s hardship and or write Art Angel a letter explaining your situation.
  • Each child’s parents/guardians must provide copies of pages 1 and 2 of their SIGNED Federal 1040 and W2 forms. Your child must be listed as a dependent on the Federal 1040. Married couples filing separately must attach both  Federal 1040 and W2 forms.
  • Any other person(s) claiming your child as a dependent must include copies of all their signed  Federal 1040 and  W2 forms.
  • If applicable, also include with application your YEAR-END Social Security Income, Food Stamps, Housing, Unemployment Benefits, Child Support Assistance, Social Services statements (TANF) etc.
  • If your child is not claimed as a dependent by anyone, the child’s name must appear on the  Public Assistance documentation and included with the application.
  • If you have unusual financial circumstances, which you would like to explain to us, please attach a separate notarized letter and any relevant documentation that will explain your current financial situation.


  1. Do not call our office regarding your application status. No information will be given over the phone. All approval/denial emails or letters will be mailed.
  1. Make sure to keep copies of all the forms you submitted to our office for your records. You need to notify our office in writing of any change in address, phone number or school, etc.
  2. Applications must be postmarked (no faxes accepted) with $15 money order and mailed (dropped into mail slot) to:


                                              Middletown Art Academy Attention: Art Angel

508 Main Street, Suite North 3 Middletown, CT 06457

All questions must be emailed to: